Protocol Fees

How does 0XGO team earn money?

We need some runway to keep our nodes running + help maintain the systems.

  1. To do so we have a very little stake when Proxy Pool Participants unstake. A total of 1% of total rewards + deposits is sent to our multisig.

  2. If a person joins our Node outside the ProxyPool a total of 5% of its rewards are used to maintain the Node/Validator.

  3. When joining Reward/Staking Pools using ZERO Tokens, 2% of those are taken as a dev fees

Transparency of funds

Depending on the volume of funds we get, we plan to use as follow:

  1. Events to promote 0XGO and Partners - Hackathons, Talks, Workshops

  2. Reward Pools to reward Protocol Participants

  3. Community Grants Program

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