What is 0XGO

0XGO is a fund for public goods. Initially Web3 new and growing Web3 Learning communities, we provide financial support for events to enhance their learning.

What's the purpose of ZEROToken

ZEROToken is an utility token within the 0XGO Protocol. It can be used to be traded for NFT Badges or access Staking Pools where your participation (shares) is based on the amount of ZERO you deposit.

ZERO is given as rewards for staking in Proxy Pools and when Staking Assets as a Relayer.

What's the purpose of Staking Pools?

Staking Pools help lift up the Yield Stakers can get from our Proxy Pools. This are sponsored pools from partners or created from the earnings of the Protocol so that members can earn rewards in ETH, and even Stable Tokens.

What are $CTSG NFTS?

The Cartesi Guardians is a set of personalized and hand-crafted NFTs that function as token-gated badges to get protocol benefits such as:

  1. Unstaking discounts

  2. VIP Access to Staking Pools

  3. Merch and More

What's the logic behind Protocol Fees?

Fees help us provide financial support and maintain 0XGO Dapps + Nodes and events. Fees are charge when you leave the protocol layer - when unstaking.

A total of 7% is being disbursed in the protocol as fees in the following:

  1. 5% from rewards + deposit goes towards 0XGO communities.

  2. 1% Devfee that is sent to our MultiSig

  3. 1% is given to the Pool Participants as Rewards

What is a Relayer?

Relayers executes a batch of Deposis and staked the pending Balance of our Proxy Contract Pool. This costs some gas on mainnet in exchange you can earn rewards from partner protocols and the protocol Token - ZERO.

  • 0.7% of the balance pending to be Staked (Taken from REWARDS Pool - MAX 250 CTSI)

  • 1.3% in ZERO Token of the balance pending to be Staked (MAX 420 ZERO)

Do you host Web3 events?

Yes we do. We have regular events to promote our Partners, share merch. Anything we can help, ping us on our Telegram: https://t.me/+XXvIHa1l_K9mY2Fk

I want to collaborate

Thanks a lot for trusting in 0XGO. Let's shape the Web3 Space and boost our communities together. Send us an email to mailto:hi.0xgo@gmail.com

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