*️Staking to help


In web3 learning communities, our shared enthusiasm for decentralized technologies is clear. Financial support can unlock untapped potential, enhancing our learning experiences and enabling impactful events. With solutions like 0XGO, having a base income by participating in Liquid Staking Protocols can propel our communities towards innovation—your contribution matters. Together, let's elevate our communities. #Staking4Good

The Problem

In the vibrant realm of web3 communities, the collective will to explore the decentralized landscape is unmistakable. We are a gathering of active learners, and beyond our collective eagerness, there exists an untapped potential that can be unleashed through financial support. It is not merely a request for funds; it is an earnest call to elevate growing and existent communities.

Financial support to communities can enable having cutting-edge resources, and offer incentives that empower every member to contribute in a whole new level, like H.E.R DAO on-boarding women into the ecosystem by giving them scholarships and grants to join Web3 Hackathons and events from all over the world.

Let us unite not just in enthusiasm, but in action. In providing the necessary financial support, we propel our communities towards a future marked by resilience, innovation, and inclusivity.

Solution: Liquid Staking to empower communities

0XGO actively participates in staking protocols by running validators and operating nodes to earn passive rewards, and staking incentives. These rewards can be directed towards community initiatives, making real impact and boosting new-growing communities.

We see a huge opportunity in products like Cartesi where one can participate and operate a node at a really low cost. We can collect Node Runner Rewards in CTSI and disburse rewards among our communities. Our Protocol delegation can be used to be put on Yield-Generating products like IdleFinance, Yearn or Beefy to boost Protocol Rewards. Our Safety Module + Unstaking fees helps us mitigate costs and availability of tokens.

Apart from our earnings in LSD in Liquid Staking Protocols. 0XGO will have a lift in our funds by running Staking Pools to earn utility tokens + partner tokens. NFTs with special properties like lowering the Unstaking fees and access to VIP Pools.

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